Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat?

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There are trending arguments about the benefits and disadvantages of offering raw meat and foods to dogs. On one end, a point raised is how the ancestors of dogs lived in the wild and fed on raw meat and food. These animals did not have the luxury of eating foods like kibble before they were domesticated and became pets. So, some people believe this makes raw meat fine for dogs and cats.

Conversely, the risks associated with dogs feeding on raw meats are emphasized. This Meat Abolition nutrition post will help you understand the health implications of feeding your dog a raw-meat diet. So, read on to find out if it is harmful or not.

Is Raw Meat Safe for Dogs and Other Pets?

There is a high chance that dogs can be exposed to harmful bacteria that can adversely affect their health by eating raw meats. Raw and fresh meats are usually a hosting ground for several of these bacteria like E. coli and salmonella.

Of course, raw meat can be a rich and essential source of nutrients like protein, omega acids, and calcium (in the bones and other parts). So, this is one of the benefits of having your dog eat raw meats like beef. However, the high-risk chance of exposing your dog to harmful bacteria and making your dog sick is why it may not be good enough.

Some people (even some veterinarians) would argue that the digestive makeup of dogs is built to handle some of these hostile bacteria. This is not always true considering how extensive pet breeding has become.

Is Raw Meat Safe for Dogs and Other Pets?

Beyond the possible effects on the dog, there is also the possibility of owners and humans contracting harmful bacteria that your dog gets when you feed it raw meat. Senior citizens, kids, and humans with some serious underlying health issues can be very vulnerable if this happens.

So, even if dogs can properly digest raw meats with such bacteria without having problems, the same cannot be said of humans around. This is not only a concern for dog owners but for cat owners and other pet owners as well.

For this reason, it is best to have the meat cooked at least. You can also buy commercial raw meat formulated for dogs. Just make sure it is from a trusted brand.

Other Concerns with Feeding Your Dog Raw Meat


Storing meat for use in the long term can be quite complicated. For example, there is how to properly thaw and refreeze meat.

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Other Concerns with Feeding Your Dog Raw Meat

You have to be sure of the meat’s source if you insist on feeding your dog raw meat. Some sources are highly compromised and feeding your dog with meat from such places can put you and your pet in harm’s way.


Raw meat stored for a long period is bound to lose its value. This depreciation will come in the form of taste, odor, and other things that determine its quality.

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