What Is Gyro Meat?

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Gyro meat is a traditional delicious Greek meat dish. Originally, the meat used to make gyro meat is lamb. However, varieties in recipes have made it possible to use meat options like beef, chicken, and even pork. Find out more about this meat recipe and how to make it at home as will be explained in this Meat Abolition nutrition post.

Can Gyro Meat Be Made at Home?

Homemade gyro meat can be made. So, you do not have to always rely on restaurants and street vendors for your gyros.

Gyro meat is a cherished street food in many parts of the world. So, it is expected that many people are eager to learn how to make it. Traditionally, a rotisserie (especially a vertical one) is needed. However, it is possible to skip using it and still have tasty gyros.

What Is Needed for Making Gyros at Home?


You can choose to go all-Greek traditional by using lamb meat. However, you can make do with beef, chicken, pork… or even use a mixture of more than one meat option.

What Is Needed for Making Gyros at Home?

Food Processor

This machine will be needed for mashing the onion. It will also be needed for processing the seasoned meat into a coarse paste.

Meat Seasoning

Thyme, salt, pepper, oregano, cumin, olive oil, and garlic (fresh and/or powder) are some of the meat seasoning ingredients needed.

Loaf Pan & Oven

The processed seasoned meat mixture will be fitted into a loaf pan. This is before being placed inside an oven.


This is needed for turning the meat into thin slices after baking it.

Clean Kitchen Towel

This is needed for draining the mashed onion of excess liquid.

How to Make Gyro Meat at Home?

How to Make Gyro Meat at Home?

To make around 2 pounds of ground meat, you need to:

  • Cut a full onion into equal halves and use just one half. Start by cutting the chosen half into 3 or 4 pieces. Transfer the cut onion pieces into a food processor to get them mashed
  • Take out the mashed onion and transfer it to a clean kitchen towel. Wrap the kitchen towel and tighten it to squeeze out as much excess liquid as possible
  • Put your ground meat in a mixing bowl. Mix the combination of 1 tsp (teaspoon) of black pepper; 1 tsp of salt; 2 tsp of dried thyme; 2 tbsp (tablespoon) of olive oil; 1 tbsp of garlic powder; 1 tbsp of minced garlic; 1 tbsp of cumin; and 1 tbsp of dried oregano. You should add this mixed combination to the mixing bowl that contains your ground meat and mix thoroughly
  • Transfer the seasoned meat to your food processor and leave the machine working till you get a coarse-like paste. This should take around 2 minutes (although it depends on how well your machine works)
  • Transfer the meat with a course-like paste into a loaf pan. Avoid air pockets by firmly pressing the meat down
  • Put the loaf pan into your oven and start baking. A baking temperature of around 74 degrees Celsius (165 degrees Fahrenheit) for between 50 minutes to 1 hour should do
  • Afterward, take the baked meat out of the oven and let it cool for half an hour (at most). Use your knife to cut the baked meat into sliced portions after it has cooled

This will take you some time, but homemade gyro’s yummy taste makes it worth it. You can serve gyro meat along with salad or even garnish it with some freshly – cut cucumbers, sliced onion, cut tomatoes, broccoli, and cheese.

Can Gyro Make Up Your Keto Diet?

Gyro meat can make up your keto diet. It is the same for low-carb Birria meat recipes.

By the way, most of the pieces of meat used to make gyro meat are red meat. So, it should be taken moderately to avoid the bad effects of red meat.

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