Is Red Meat Bad for You?

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The consumption of red meat offers several nutritional benefits. However, there are risk factors including heart complications, cancer (like colorectal cancer), diabetes, troubled gut system, and more that could adversely affect people’s health. Read on as this Meat Abolition nutrition study will discuss the positive and negative effects of eating red meats.

What is Red Meat?

The amount of myoglobin, as well as the meat source, determines what is red meat. On that note, raw (unprocessed) and processed food from non-fowl mammals is considered red meat. Going by this; boar, lamb, venison, beef, and pork meat are red meat.

Besides its non-fowl mammal source, red meats contain high amounts of an iron-rich protein known as myoglobin. Although studies have shown that this iron-rich protein is also found in white meats, it is in lower portions compared to processed and unprocessed white meat foods.

Why Intake of Red Meat Can Be Bad for People’s Health?

Red meat can make up a part of your diet. This is because it is rich in certain nutrients needed for healthy living. B vitamins, iron, thiamine, selenium, and zinc; are among the nutrients red meat contains. However, it has to be in moderation as a high intake of red meat will increase the risk of:


Over time, researchers have provided evidence pointing to the fact that red meat contains calories higher than white meat. People who eat red meat have to deal with more saturated fat (which is not healthy) in the body than those who eat white meat. Obesity is one of the possible adverse effects.

Cardiovascular Complications

This is a long list of heart troubles that excess intake of red meat can cause. For example, Atherosclerosis, which is closely associated with coronary artery disease, is quite commonly caused by excess intake of red meat.


Why Intake of Red Meat Can Be Bad for People’s Health?

The process of breaking down the iron-rich proteins in red meat can cause (especially) colorectal (bowel) cancer. This is the observational take of several reputable health bodies, rather than just an assumption.


Red meat can take its toll on insulin production; thereby causing diabetes. This happens as preservatives and nitrates in processed meats damage cells in the pancreas. The unwarranted rise in blood pressure and cholesterol levels can cause or trigger diabetes.

Safer and Healthier Ways to Eat Red Meat

Moderation is key to getting the nutritional benefits of red meat while avoiding its negative effects. So, go low on eating red meat in its various forms. But besides this, here are some other tips to make sure you consume red meat safely and healthily:

Use Proper Cooking Methods

Avoid eating fried, charred, or grilled red meat. Rather, choose broiled, stewed, roasted, and baked red meat. For example, this makes Gyro meat good as it is baked.

Unprocessed Is Better than Processed

Although processed red meat may taste better, the unprocessed type is usually safer and healthier. You avoid lots of harmful chemicals in the form of preservatives and more when you stick to processed red meat.

Safer and Healthier Ways to Eat Red Meat

Get from the Right Source

It would help to find out how the animal was fed before being slaughtered. On this note, it is better to eat grass-fed animals than farm-fed ones. The former has more anti-inflammatory acids than the latter.

Choose Leaner Cuts

Choose meat cut with terms like loin, sirloin, and round. These are lean cuts and they are safer and healthier.

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